Innovation that’s bold, fast AND responsible

Technology is an amazing source of wonder that can reshape the world. So you need to be confident about the impact your products will have.

Digital technologies can bring great benefits. But until recently innovators have often been blind to the potential harms that can come with them. Growing public concern and government initiatives to regulate are changing that. Bad practice has been called out and tech ethics have become a mainstream conversation.  

Now it’s vital to act. People who make technology have to navigate real-world dilemmas and make difficult trade-offs every day. Two-thirds of those who work in tech in the UK want more opportunities to assess the potential impacts of their products and 78% want practical tools to do so. 

TechTransformed meets this need with resources that reconcile big-picture ethics with hands-on delivery. It sits alongside how organisations work today, so products can still be created at speed with responsibility embedded at every stage.  

TechTransformed is based on wide-ranging research into the challenges businesses face to being responsible and the public’s needs from the digital technologies that shape their lives.

All the resources are free to use – because everyone should be able to be a responsible innovator.

TechTransformed enables organisations to: